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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Project

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a method of providing multiple credentials to access a computer system. MFA is currently being used in all financial system sites (banks, credit card companies) to ensure proper identity management. MFA consists of at least two of the following methods for identity authorizations: Knowledge (something you know), Possession (something you have), and Uniqueness (something only you have).

Why does NIU need Multi-Factor Authentication?

Compromised credentials are the primary attack vector used to breach systems. Implementing MFA will reduce our threat landscape across the NIU enterprise, while safeguarding the NIU brand.

  • In 2015, NIU employees were the victim of over $150,000 in attempted tax fraud. 
  • We are currently seeing over 200 newly compromised account each week. These compromised accounts are then used to send more spam/phishing attacks to entities both within and outside of NIU.

| More Info on Email Phishing | Active Phishing Scams |

Project Timeline

  1. Students-Office 365: April 10, 2017
  2. Faculty/Staff-Office 365: TBD
  3. Additional Applications (Blackboard, MyNIU - PeopleSoft, VPN): TBD
  4. Enhanced Self-Service Password Reset:TBD

Known Issues and Errors

Employees: When using app password, login with (ex.

Outlook or Skype crashes when opening or continues to prompt for login (Windows OS)

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Credential Manager
  2. Under Windows Credentials remove anything that contains 365 and then restart Outlook
  3. If problem persists, next step is to remove and re-add the profile

Trouble logging into a non-Microsoft mail client on mobile device

  • Verify that you are using an app password and NOT your NIU password.

When using an app password on a device, make sure the device itself is secured with a password.

Azure Authenticator App: You must allow notiifcations from this app on your device in order to configure the app. 



Get Started: NIU Video


Get Started: Microsoft


More MFA Options


Mail Settings


Android Email Settings


iPhone Mail Settings

Windows Phone

Windows Phone Mail Settings

Mac Mail Settings

Mac Mail Settings

Outlook Mail - MacOS

Outlook Mail Settings - MacOS

Outlook Mail - WindowsOS

Outlook Mail Settings - WindowsOS