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OnBase - Next Steps

Readiness Check

Complete the Readiness Check (docx) and email it to

Then we work together to make it happen!

The OnBase Team will review your readiness check and contact you to schedule a discovery meeting.

Discovery meeting

At the discovery meeting we will:

  • agree on the scope of the project
  • create a timeline for the project

Your organization will allocate resources for:

  • A Power User – a person with a thorough understanding of the solution who can help other users in your organization; they may also provide training to additional users.
  • Testing team – these people will work with the DoIT OnBase team to test the solution before it is put into production.

Creating your OnBase solution

  1. Solution development
  2. Test
  3. Modify as required
  4. Re-test
  5. Training
  6. Deploy
  7. Ongoing support and enhancements as needed

See what OnBase can do for you!

Watch "Manage the Digital Campus"
(1m 45sec)

video one minute 45 seconds about what OnBase can do for you